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On regarde la vidéo et puis on écrit son petit commentaire. On dépose sa petite remarque sans avoir pris la peine ni de lire la description ni de regarder les top commentaires avant.
Bah oui on est forcément le premier à vous faire la remarque sur une vidéo à 37000 vues, 300 commentaires et plus de 2 ans d'existence.

Electronics Repair School - Seven minutes !

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Il y a quelques mois "Electronics repair school" se lamentait dans une vidéo. Je me sens moins seul d'un coup.

Citation :

About that thing from yesterday you know I don't complain about what the people are commenting on the video.
Don't get this things wrong you know. I don't really care.
But, 99% of my emails or youtube messages are about boards repairs, motherboards.
And they ask same questions where I answered already in so many videos.
And their questions I can't answer they know.
"I have the laptop is no working. What should I do ? What should I check ? I can't answer at these questions.
And I ask myself 'Why ?'. Why that append ?
Why these people ask me like... every day like 30-40 messages about "How I can fix it ? I have these model. What I should check ? What ?" Do you know ?
I ask myself 'Why ?'
I know this channel is only from February. But, I've like a(bout)... 150 videos. I think it's something like that. And after 150 videos you can't figure it out what do we have to check ?
I wanna go to the statistics, I swear. Maybe I can show you. You know what ? I have like a shock.
Youtube. One second. One second maybe I can show you.
You can't believe that, trust me, you can't believe it. Check here. Yeah it's OK.
Average view duration : 7 minutes. You can believe that ? How it's possible ?
Most of my videos are around 40 minutes or more. So average view duration : 7 minutes.
And this answered all my questions.
Obviously if the people are skipping and goes on the end. To see exactly what was the problem.
It's nothing to learn, it's nothing, it's like you know watching an Hollywood movie. Same thing.
The part which you have to look is from when I start and when I found the fault. Before fixing you can skip that part. 7 minutes I can't believe it. You know, I'm feel so insulted.
7 minutes actually my, the people are looking my videos like 7 minutes.
It's so depressing you know.

L'espoir fait vivre

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Je souhaite rendre ici hommage aux Jean-Thérapeuthes qui essaient encore de raisonner un schizophrène semi-mythomane sous antipsychotiques après toutes ces années. Chapeau bas sincère pour cette opiniâtreté qui n'a d'égal qu'un héroïsme désintéressé. ;)